Root Canal Therapy

How serious can a cavity become? In time, bacteria will make their way through your enamel and eventually infiltrate the central chamber of your tooth. This space, known as the pulp, houses the living nerves and blood vessels within the tooth, making an infection a painful problem. Discomfort, discoloration, and even tissue swelling around the tooth can all occur when this problem arises.

Whether you have an infection because of a cavity or because of internal problems that stem from a physical injury, root canal therapy can help. Dr. Browne will carefully access your pulp in order to remove the bacteria and infected tissues before taking care to restore the tooth structure. To keep your tooth safe after treatment, we will restore it with a durable, custom-made dental crown.

The Role Root Canal Therapy Plays In Restorative Care

Many people who require restorative dental work do not need a root canal. Minor injuries and cavities caught in their early stages can affect only the exterior of your tooth, so endodontic services are not required. However, if there are signs that your tooth is infected, treatment within the pulp becomes necessary.

The purpose of a root canal is to save a vulnerable tooth by removing the infection and infected tissues within the pulp. Doing so relieves pain while also stopping bacteria from passing through your roots and causing new health concerns. We may recommend this service to a patient who sees us about a dental emergency. While it can be more involved than some cavity care that you have experienced in the past, it resolves active discomfort and prevents the need for a tooth extraction!

Book A Root Canal At Our Prairie Village, KS Dental Practice!

Root canal therapy restores your oral health by addressing problems within the structure of an unhealthy tooth. By taking care to access your pulp, remove the unwelcome bacteria and infected tissues, and taking care to cap it with a protective crown, we can respond to an advanced threat while preserving your full smile! For more information, call our Prairie Village, KS dental practice at (913) 901-8585.