How Crowns And Implants Can Give You A Full Smile

What is the best way to replace lost teeth? The answer to this question will be based on your unique needs and smile goals. For some patients, a dental bridge is the best way to fill the gap. Other patients may benefit from dentures. Dr. Browne’s team in Prairie Village, KS, also offers dental implants that can provide support to your jaw and mimic the root of your missing tooth. This may be a good option for patients looking for a sturdy and lifelike replacement.

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Who Can Get An Implant

Dental implants are available for patients who have healthy teeth, gums, and a stable jawbone that will be able to support the post. Before beginning this process, you will need to have a consultation with your dentist. They will examine your oral cavity, discuss your health history, and determine if this prosthetic option is suitable for you. If you have problems such as gum disease, grind your teeth, or have other health conditions, you may not be able to receive this type of prosthetic.

Bridges or dentures are another method of replacing your missing teeth. These may be used if your jawbone will not be able to support the post. Dental bridges are supported by crowns placed on the surrounding teeth. This is permanent and will not be removed to clean. Dentures can also help address severe tooth loss. These can come in the form of a partial or complete set depending on your needs. They are made of acrylic resin and will blend in with the natural appearance of your smile.

Getting Your Implant

This process will take several appointments. Once you have had an initial visit with your dentist, the oral surgery will be scheduled. The post will be inserted into your jawbone to naturally fuse them together. This process may take a few months to complete. Once healed, the abutment and crown can be added. The crown is the visible part of your prosthetic. It will be crafted using impressions taken of your smile. Dental crowns are used with implants to achieve a lifelike look.

Your implant may last anywhere from ten to 30 years as long as it is well maintained. You will not need to remove it to clean. You can follow your regular oral hygiene routine and continue to see the dentist twice a year for checkups. Your dentist will be able to give you tips on how to properly brush and floss the area. Implants can improve the function and appearance of your smile by preventing your jawbone from deteriorating.

Start The Treatment Process Today

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