Upgrade Your Appearance With Veneers

In our last blog, we discussed how professional teeth whitening treatments can safely remove stains from your pearly whites. While this service is effective for patients who are concerned about discoloration, it does not target all aesthetic concerns. If you have several needs you would like to address about the appearance of your smile, veneers may be a helpful solution. Today, Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, are here to explain how this enhancement works.

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Who Can Benefit From Veneers

Essentially, veneers are tooth-shaped shells that are placed over the front of your teeth. If you have unsymmetrical pearly whites, intrinsic discoloration that cannot be removed with whitening treatments, or minor alignment problems, this treatment can help address multiple problems at once. Before having this enhancement made, you will first need a consultation. If your dentist believes that your concerns can be repaired with other methods, they may recommend alternatives. For instance, if your concern is uneven or overcrowded teeth, they may recommend clear aligners instead. If your teeth have been damaged due to major cracks or breaks, dental crowns should be placed instead to protect the area.

The Process Of Veneers

This cosmetic treatment will take several appointments. After the consultation, measurements of your oral cavity will be sent to a lab to create the porcelain shells. A small portion of your enamel will need to be reshaped to prepare your smile. Another appointment will be made once the shells are ready to check for the fit and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, they will be cemented in place. The material used for this option is highly durable and will last for many years with proper care.

After this treatment, you will continue your oral hygiene as normal. These shells only cover the front of your teeth, so it is important that you brush and floss to prevent cavities and gum disease. You should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol after your appointment so that the shells are not disturbed. If a shell falls off, see your dentist as soon as possible for replacement.

Achieve Similar Results With Lumineers

Are you looking for a way to improve your smile with less invasive preparation? Lumineers are another option available for you. This process will include placing shells over your natural teeth to create a symmetrical outcome. The difference is that Lumineers are made of a thinner material and therefore require less preparation. You will not need to have your enamel reshaped, which may be more beneficial for patients with sensitive or weak teeth.

Talk To Your Dentist Today About Veneers

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