Lifelike Replacement For Lost Teeth

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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how disrupting it can be. You may experience feelings of embarrassment adjusting to your new appearance and quickly learn how the loss impacts the function of your mouth. Your ability to speak and chew can become more difficult as you shift your mouth around the new gap. Because each of your teeth works in concert with one another to form your bite, a single loss can threaten the health of the remaining teeth. They must take on additional force from your bite and this can cause them to physically erode. Without treatment, neighboring teeth risk drifting into gaps and causing significant misalignment.

At your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, we can help you restore your smile after losing one of your teeth. When you decide to wear a dental prosthetic, you can return function to your bite and regain the look of a natural tooth! Solutions such as dental implants can offer lifelong restoration when properly taken care of, so speak with your dentist today if you are dealing with the effects of tooth loss.

When You Lose One Of Your Teeth

A missing tooth can cause quite a sudden distraction in your day-to-day life. Some people find they lose enthusiasm interacting with others when they become embarrassed about the change in their appearance. A gap in your smile can greatly interfere with your ability to enjoy your favorite foods as well. You may find yourself avoiding hard or sharp ingredients in meals that you once loved. If you find yourself shifting your jaw to account for the loss, repetitive awkward motions can lead to problems such as TMJ disorder. This means that being proactive about replacing your missing tooth can provide relief from a myriad of upsetting consequences.

The Benefits Of A Dental Implant

When you visit our office to seek care for your missing tooth, we can determine if you are a candidate for a dental implant. In addition to placing a prosthetic tooth, this procedure offers desirable benefits for the health of your jaw. This is because when a tooth is healthy, its root transfers the force of your bite into the bone to provide needed stimulation. When you lose a tooth, you lose the root, and your body no longer knows it is in use. Your brain then redirects nutrients elsewhere in the body, and the jaw loses density as a result. Conversely, when you place an implant into the bone, it provides the same stimulating transfer of your bite’s force.

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Restoring Lost Teeth!

Replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant can relieve your frustration and return beauty to your smile. For more information on how we can treat your lost tooth, contact our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office today at 913-901-8585.