A Discreet Alignment Treatment

Group PVKSMisalignment is a common concern among people of all ages, yet sometimes older individuals can shy away from seeking treatment. Traditional braces might feel too bulky and obtrusive for use as a professional individual. After all, our professional spotlight should shine directly on the work and accomplishments rather than an orthodontic improvement.

For these individuals, clear aligners can help to improve your smile without letting the world in on your secret. Allow others to notice your positive change through the results rather than the procedure. Your Prairie Village, KS, dentist Dr. Robert M. Browne, DDS, offers clear aligners to patients who are looking to reap the benefits of an even smile. Discover the technological edge with this method of smile enhancement and start bringing your teeth into proper alignment. Prevent additional enamel wear from bacterial infection in areas of the mouth that you cannot fully clean at home. All while improving your dental appearance!

Make The Change For Your Oral Health

When your smile is out of alignment, additional dental concerns can arise. In instances of crowding and overlapping, areas develop that become difficult or impossible to fully clean during routine brushing and flossing. These become prime locations for the growth of bacterial colonies that can damage your enamel. Acidic waste from these microscopic creatures can cause tooth decay and even loss.

Take advantage of the medical improvement of alignment therapy to make the most of your natural smile. Allow a more balanced bite to help spread the rigor of daily chewing. This can help to keep your enamel strong as you continue to age.

Look As Beautiful As You Feel

The cosmetic advantages of clear aligner treatment is readily apparent in addition to the health benefits. With a gorgeous smile, our self-confidence can see a marked rise. Make the most of your social and professional lives through a helpful alignment treatment that you can keep to yourself.

This form of treatment can be more comfortable for patients than traditional braces, too. Your custom aligners hug the teeth rather than pulling them. This means that through a greater amount of surface area is used for the movement of your teeth. All without placing cement on your natural enamel!

Jump Start Your Smile With Clear Aligners In Prairie Village, KS

Clear aligners are an amazingly private way to improve your appearance. Strengthen your dental health by allowing your teeth to operate at a high level at the proper location on your oral ridge. Call Dr. Robert M. Browne, DDS at your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office today at 913-901-8585 to schedule a consultation. Discover why clear aligner treatment has become one of the most popular cosmetic enhancements today and its prevalence is only growing!