Prompt Help With A Cracked Tooth

How much time should you take to have a cracked tooth evaluated? The longer you wait to schedule treatment, the more likely you are to experience complications after a dental injury. To make prompt support easier to access, our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can welcome patients for emergency dental care. During your emergency visit, we can assess the health and condition of your tooth to see what kind of care you require. If the problem is caught in a timely manner and not too severe, we may be able to help by offering conservative cosmetic dental work. However, if a more serious injury needs to be addressed, we can offer more involved restorative services to make sure the matter is fully resolved.

A Cracked Tooth Is A Problem To Take Seriously

Any damage to your tooth structure should be taken seriously. Enamel is a remarkably strong substance, but when the material is harmed, it leaves us vulnerable to potential infections and further structural concerns. A crack can let bacteria access your pulp and create problems for living tissues within, and it can also become a concern if it deepens or leads to a portion of your enamel completely breaking apart. The good news is that with the right dental work, the matter can be resolved, and you can feel safe from both infection and further physical damage.

We Can Offer Restorative Care On Short Notice

Because our practice provides emergency dental services, we make it easier for patients to ensure that they have support at times when they need attention on short notice. For your cracked tooth, we can have you in the dentist’s chair for a prompt review and treatment. Timely services reduce the risk for infections to occur, and they also help you avoid creating problems with pain or infection while still trying to bite and chew with the affected tooth.

Restoring Your Tooth And Preserving Your Smile

We can recommend different forms of care based on your current needs. If an injury is severe enough to require restorative treatment, we may need to provide root canal therapy and a dental crown to make sure you have no more issues. For someone who is impacted by a less serious injury, we may be able to recommend cosmetic dentistry to help you.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Help With A Cracked Tooth

Through emergency treatment for a cracked tooth, we can resolve a problem with your oral health and appearance before your injury causes complications to occur. If you have questions about the emergency services we provide or need to arrange your next appointment, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.