How Ultrasonic Scaling Treats Gingivitis

There are different issues that can be identified and treated in the course of a regular oral health appointment. One problem that your Prairie Village, KS dentist can watch for concerns the state of your gums. Gingivitis, the first stage of a periodontal infection, can be painless, but there are ways to identify it. Once symptoms are found, we can recommend that you undergo ultrasonic scaling, an alternative to a typical dental cleaning. What makes this service different is that it tends to bacteria that are present on the roots of your teeth. The ultrasonic tool we use to break apart the buildup of harmful microbes can make the procedure more comfortable while still making it an effective means of fighting to restore your periodontal health.

Should I Really Worry About Gingivitis?

If you have problems with your gums, you can be vulnerable to more problems than you realize. The infection can worsen, which makes it more difficult to control and more likely to have serious consequences for your health. The leading reason for adult tooth loss has to do with poor periodontal health. You also need to worry about its impact on your general well-being, as harmful microbes on teeth roots can travel through the bloodstream and cause issues elsewhere.

Ultrasonic Scaling Offers A More Comfortable Approach To Periodontal Care

Whenever you come in for routine smile care, Dr. Browne will look carefully to see if there are problems with your teeth, gums, or oral structures. If a problem with gingivitis is identified, we can provide care in the form of ultrasonic scaling. This service goes beyond the usual coverage offered through regular teeth cleanings, as the bacteria on the roots of your teeth will be removed. By using ultrasonic technology, we can make the experience of breaking apart and clearing away unhealthy bacteria easier. The performance of this service will give your gums the opportunity to heal, which means you can recover and regain confidence in your smile and oral health.

More Reasons To Schedule Routine Oral Health Services

Routine oral health services provide many valuable updates about the state of your smile. Early cavity detection leads to more conservative and comfortable restorative dental procedures. For patients who struggle with TMJ pain or issues with teeth grinding, we can point out the need for treatment and help you protect yourself against problems that can cause chronic discomfort as well as permanent damage to your enamel!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Ultrasonic Scaling!

Through ultrasonic scaling, we can remove bacteria that are present on your teeth roots and stop an infection from causing further harm. If you would like to learn more about this or any other service, reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.