Should An Older Crown Be Replaced?

When you undergo treatment for a cavity or injured tooth, you will have a restoration put in place to address permanent harm to your tooth structure. If you need one, you can receive a dental crown to provide the right level of support. This offers more coverage and protection than a dental filling, as the crown will completely surround your tooth above the gum line. This is mean to provide permanent protection. Of course, just as teeth can become worn down or damaged over time, an older restoration can begin to give you trouble. If it is necessary to do so, your Prairie Village, KS dentist can let you know if an older crown should be replaced. While we can see you to discuss this concern directly, we can also check on the condition of any fillings or crowns that you have when you come in for routine services.

A Crown Is Used To Address Permanent Tooth Trouble

Dental crowns are important for restorative care, as they give us the means to protect vulnerable teeth affected by advanced decay or physical trauma. Custom restorations are made to carefully surround teeth without interfering with their neighbors. They are stable and strong enough to absorb bite pressure, so you should not feel as if you have to avoid putting pressure on it whenever you bite and chew. Unfortunately, just as our enamel can experience problems without the right support, problems with dental crowns can affect you in time, which can lead to difficulties with your well-being. Without the right intervention, a loose or damaged crown can cause new problems for your oral health, and it can eventually leave your tooth in a vulnerable state if it is lost.

We Can Provide A Durable, Custom, Lifelike Restoration If You Need A New Crown

When it is necessary to do so, we can supply you with a new dental restoration to replace an older one. A new crown can replace an older one, or you can have one put in place after an older dental filling is lost or removed. We use different materials when caring for patients in this way; to preserve your appearance, we can provide a dental crown that is made to match the color and general look of your healthy enamel!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About An Older Crown That May Need To Be Replaced

For patients who have older dental crowns, growing concerns about the stability and durability of a restoration can be addressed during an oral health review. We can let you know if yours should be replaced due to damage, gradual wear and tear, or any other issue. In addition to this, we can provide regular updates to let you know if there are any new concerns that we need to take on. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.