Could I Have A Tooth Infection?

womancoveringmouthbangsAre you starting to worry that you might have a tooth infection? This is a common question that occurs when a patient experiences strange symptoms or a toothache. While it is entirely possible to recognize the fact that an infection is brewing, it is also quite possible to experience an infection without noticing that a problem is happening within your smile. We understand that this can seem very confusing but there’s an easy way to make sure your oral health is just fine: Schedule consistent checkups with us and we will prevent and detect problems for you. As for the finer points regarding infections, allow us to inform you.

Will I Feel It?

You might feel a tooth infection. If you do, it will likely include significant discomfort. Throbbing pain is generally present (often when your tooth has already abscessed). You may also notice a bump (similar to a pimple) that forms, disappears, and reappears on your gums near the affected tooth. It is also common to notice a foul taste in your mouth.

What If I Don’t Know It’s There?

It’s also entirely possible that you won’t feel a thing. Remember that a tooth infection has a beginning, which is not going to be severe. As a result, you may not experience any type of serious symptoms until the problem has escalated. Fortunately, by caring for your smile, keeping up with dental checkups, and agreeing to restorative care when you need it, a hidden infection will not be a possibility.

Can You Save My Tooth?

If you experience a tooth infection, we can save your tooth provided we detect the problem early enough. If so, we will suggest a root canal treatment to remove the infection as well as the damaged tissue. For severely infected and abscessed teeth, we may need to perform a dental extraction.