Tooth Bonding And Contouring Can Reshape Jagged Teeth

Teeth that look jagged can stand out in your smile and throw off your overall appearance in a frustrating way. It can look as though the tooth was injured, leading to its awkward appearance. In fact, a tooth’s shape can change because of an injury, or because of gradual wear and tear. If this is a problem that bothers you, it can be a relief to learn that tooth bonding and contouring can carefully reshape a problem tooth while minimizing changes to your enamel. This is a conservative cosmetic dental procedure that does not call for the creation or placement of a restoration. Instead, careful contouring work and the application of a composite resin material will improve a tooth’s shape, size, and color so that it becomes a more attractive (and less distracting) component of your smile!

Is A Damaged Or Misshapen Tooth Hurting Your Appearance?

All it takes is one damaged or misshapen tooth to make your smile look awkward and uneven. That lone jagged tooth produces an asymmetry in your appearance, one that can be difficult for others to miss because it stands out when compared to surrounding teeth. Other problems, like discrepancies in color of size, can also lead to uncomfortable flaws that cosmetic treatment can address. Depending on the number of teeth you want treated, you may be able to finish cosmetic work via bonding and contouring in just one appointment!

Arranging A Tooth Bonding And Contouring Procedure

Bonding and contouring work can change a tooth’s shape, size, and color without capping it with a dental veneer or dental crown. Because we do not use restorations during treatment, we can shorten the time it takes to produce lasting improvements. The contouring process can even out a jagged tooth, bring down its size, or even smooth out visible chipping. The bonding process relies on a composite material that bonds with your enamel to cover up any noticeable damages while also brightening the tooth and changing its size. Once this material hardens, it can provide lasting improvements!

What Else Can Your Dentist Do To Change Your Smile?

If a tooth’s shape or size creates concerns around your bite function, or if damage affects your oral health, restorative dental work can be called for instead of cosmetic treatment. Through the placement of a dental crown, we can cap a tooth to keep it healthy and improve your bite. As an alternative to bonding and contouring treatment, we can recommend using porcelain veneers to restore the appearance of misshapen or otherwise flawed teeth. Through the use of veneers, we can cover up any superficial concerns that you have. Veneers can make more preparatory work necessary, but they offer more durability, which can make preserving your changes easier.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Tooth Bonding And Contouring

During a visit with Dr. Browne, you can learn how tooth bonding and contouring work can positively change your smile and improve your confidence in the way you look. To find out more, please call our Prairie Village, KS dental office at 913-901-8585.