What To Expect After Receiving A Dental Filling

In the event that you have a cavity, your Prairie Village, KS dentist will completely remove the decayed portion of your tooth to stop the further spread of harm. After this occurs, you will have your smile restored with a custom dental filling or dental crown. Dental fillings are the more conservative treatment option, the one your dentist prefers to use because less of your tooth structure has to be modified. The fillings we provide at our practice are made from a composite resin substance that can bond with your enamel and also imitate it. As a result, your procedure requires minimal changes to your tooth structure, and it can preserve the way you look!

A Dental Filling Will Be Needed After a Cavity Forms

Even if a cavity is promptly caught and treated after it forms, it will cause permanent harm to your tooth. Part of what makes cavities so worrisome is their ability to continually harm a tooth. To protect your enamel, the damaged area must be completely removed. After this takes place, you will need to have the tooth restored so that there are no further issues with infection, and no concerns about physical damage.

Will A Restoration Affect My Dental Function?

When dental restorations are put in place, they are counted on to keep a tooth safe from further trouble caused by bacteria, but they are also meant to give the tooth enough structural support to bite and chew without any issues. Maintaining a natural bite after restorative treatment protects you against TMJ disorder, and it will ensure that you are not overly reliant on your surrounding teeth.

You May Need More Than A Filling To Restore Your Tooth

With a dental filling, it is possible to discreetly restore a tooth while making minimal changes to its structure. While this is an effective approach in many circumstances, it is not always the approach taken to restore a cavity. What makes a different approach necessary? If a cavity has already grown too large for a filling, or if your tooth is infected and requires root canal therapy, it becomes necessary to place a dental crown. Crowns completely cover teeth above the gum line, providing more structural support. We do offer crowns that are able to mimic your natural tooth structure, so you will not have to worry about a visible restoration upsetting your appearance.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Receiving A Dental Filling

Dr. Browne is prepared to restore teeth with dental fillings and crowns that provide long-term functional and cosmetic support. If you wish to learn more about our practice, or if you would like to discuss restorative treatment, please contact our Prairie Village, KS dental office today at 913-901-8585.