Are These Common Oral Health Mistakes Hurting Your Smile?

A good oral health routine should be consistent, as well as thorough. While many people recognize that they should take their smile care needs seriously, they sometimes become relaxed toward their routine. As you continually brush and floss, you can start to “occasionally” skip sessions, or cut cleanings short. Over time, this can lead to a buildup of tartar, and even troubles with tooth decay and gum disease. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist is prepared to help you regain good oral health when you come in for a routine dental exam. As part of our commitment to helping you maintain your smile health in the office, we can offer tips that help you do a better job between appointments. 

Do You Take Time To Properly Brush And Floss Each Day?

Do you take the time to properly brush and floss? Many people feel that their regular routine is sufficient because they brush and floss frequently, but they are not spending enough time performing these tasks. You should spend at least two minutes every time you brush, and commit to cleaning every area of your smile. Leaving hard-to-reach areas poorly served can allow bacteria to gather and form plaque, which can harden to tartar. Tartar buildup increases your risk for cavities, and tartar at your gum line can lead to difficulties with gingivitis. You should also be thorough when you floss. If you only move the string back and forth, portions of your enamel can be unprotected against bacteria buildup.

Are Soft Drinks A Problem For Your Teeth?

Soft drinks are often cited as a concern for your smile because they are high in sugar. With that said, these drinks can pose more than just a threat for tooth decay. Dark beverages like soda, coffee, and tea are capable of leaving stains on your enamel. When this happens, you can develop concerns about discoloration that require a professional teeth whitening treatment. Soft drinks are also concerning because they are acidic. Their acidity can weaken your teeth, making you more vulnerable to decay.

Have You Been Consistent About Dental Checkups?

Simply put, it can be difficult to know that your smile is healthy if you are putting off regular dental checkups. At every exam, your dentist provides important feedback about your teeth and gums, with warnings if you have a problem that might require restorative dentistry. Checkups are also beneficial because they include expert teeth cleanings, which can remove plaque and tartar that put your smile at risk.

Dr. Browne Can Help You Keep Your Smile In Good Condition

At our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office, you can count on Dr. Browne to help you keep your smile in good health! To find out more about our practice, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.