Better Flossing Means Better Support For Your Dental Health

When a cavity forms, decay will continue to spread and damage your enamel before reaching deeper layers of your tooth and creating a painful internal infection. When you allow bacteria to infiltrate your gums, gingivitis can cause bleeding and irritation before your condition worsens into periodontitis, which can sharply raise your risk for losing teeth. When you are aware of just how destructive oral health problems can become, you can be understandably eager to practice better preventive dental care. In addition to brushing thoroughly and attending regular dental exams with your Prairie Village, KS dentist, make sure you floss on a daily basis. When you floss effectively, you keep hard-to-reach portions of teeth safe while also removing bacteria that could negatively affect your gums.

Is Your Current Flossing Routine Keeping You Safe Against Gingivitis And Tooth Decay?

If you already floss, you may feel that you have a superior oral health care routine in place already. Flossing is certainly important if you want to protect your smile, but the quality of your sessions will matter. Many people who floss still experience some problems with tooth decay or gum disease because they are not cleaning as thoroughly as they should. Others may practice thorough flossing when they take the time to clean between teeth, but do so inconsistently.

These Tips Can Help You Enjoy Better Results From Flossing

One important rule of flossing is to make sure you take care of the spaces between teeth at least once per day. If you only floss when you feel something between your teeth, or before your upcoming routine dental exam, you can allow tartar to form. In addition to being consistent about how often you floss, make sure you move the floss string vertically so you are removing all of the bacteria and other harmful debris that have accumulated. Cleaning at your gum line will be particularly important if you want to avoid troubles with gingivitis.

Sustaining A Great Preventive Dental Care Routine

What other steps should you take to protect your smile between checkups? Brush your teeth effectively by spending at least two minutes on cleaning your smile, using circular motions on each tooth, and paying attention to your gum line. Be careful about brushing with too much force – aggressive motions are not going to remove tartar, but they can wear on your enamel. You should also keep in mind that a smart diet is important because it limits your exposure to harmful agents like sugar, which are consumed by oral bacteria that can damage teeth.

Dr. Browne Can Help You Take Better Care Of Your Oral Health!

At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, Dr. Browne wants all of our patients to understand the importance of smart daily smile care! In addition to providing important services during your appointments, we take the time to offer tips and support to make your oral care routine more effective at home. To make an appointment or find out more, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.