Find Out How We Help Our Patients Avoid Discomfort

It can be hard to make sure some people have all the care they need because they are reluctant to make a dental appointment. If you are someone who stays away from professional oral care because you worry about discomfort, you should know that our Prairie Village, KS dental office can make your experience more pleasant. For people who have dental anxiety, or those worried about a particular restorative dental procedure, sedation can be provided. Sedatives available to you can help you relax and remain calm, while still being conscious during treatment. If your concerns are focused on how treatment might affect the way you look, you should know that our modern fillings and crowns can expertly imitate the look of your healthy enamel!

Using Sedation To Make Your Time In The Dentist’s Chair More Pleasant

While anesthetic can be provided to help with physical discomfort, a sedative can help a patient struggling with feelings of unease or anxiety about their treatment. You have more than one option to choose from if you are interested in having this extra support during your time in the dentist’s chair. Nitrous oxide is capable of keeping you relaxed during your procedure, but its effects dissipate quickly, so you can safely drive yourself home after your appointment. If you have a higher degree of anxiety, or if you are dealing with dental fear, an oral sedative can have a more potent effect.

OraVerse Allows Us To Address Issues With Lingering Numb Feelings After Treatment

The use of anesthetic helps patients avoid discomfort during a procedure, but its lingering effects have often left people feeling awkward and uncomfortable during the rest of their day. Our practice uses OraVerse to prevent this from becoming an issue for you. With OraVerse, your dentist can encourage the return of feeling in your lips, which can enable you to go about your day without the frustration of feeling numb.

You Can Feel Comfortable With The Placement Of A Lifelike Restoration

Are you worried about the experience of dental care, or what a restoration might do to your smile? Because our practice uses modern dental fillings and dental crowns, we can ensure that a patient is not embarrassed by the look of their smile. The materials that allow your restorations to imitate your tooth structure is remarkably durable, so you still have the functional support that a filling or crown is intended to supply.

Dr. Browne Is Ready To Help Patients Enjoy A Comfortable Patient Care Experience

At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, Dr. Browne is prepared to help patients who struggle with feelings of dental anxiety, or dental fear. If your discomfort has kept you away from the oral health care you need, we are here to help! To learn more or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.