Learning To Recognize Symptoms Of TMJ Dysfunction

Is TMJ dysfunction something you really need to be concerned about? People who struggle with problems like headaches, painful jaw movement, and chronic teeth grinding may be unaware that TMJ dysfunction can be the cause of their troubles. The term is used to address any problem that creates trouble for your jaw joints, and/or the muscles that operate your jaw. Even if you are unsure of why you might have issues with your jaw, you can recognize symptoms connected to TMJ dysfunction, and share your concerns with your dentist. At our Prairie Village, KS dental office, we can provide relief by offering you the appropriate treatment. Individuals experiencing these troubles can find that a custom appliance helps relieve stress, and alleviate their symptoms!

How TMJ Dysfunction Interferes With A Person’s Life

Are you looking forward to spending the day with a persistent headache? How much fun will your next dining experience be if biting and chewing motions are uncomfortable? TMJ dysfunction can find many opportunities to intrude on your daily life, and cause serious discomfort. These aches can affect your mood, create unwelcome distractions that impact your ability to focus, and generally add to feelings of stress and anxiety. Because teeth grinding often occurs when people have TMJ dysfunction, letting the problem go untreated can put you at risk for dental damage!

Recognizing Signs Of Habitual Teeth Grinding

If you feel your jaw tighten during the day, you can consciously relax the muscles, and separate your teeth. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to address teeth grinding when it occurs at night, as you are simply not conscious of what you are doing. As time passes, a person with bruxism – habitual teeth grinding – can cause noticeable wear and tear on their teeth. This can eventually turn into chips and cracks that threaten your oral health, and require restorative dental work. If you often feel dental pain or sensitivity during the mornings, particularly when you first wake up, you should be concerned that bruxism is causing problems for you.

We Can Help You Stay Informed About Your Oral Health!

During a routine dental appointment, your dentist is able to observe signs that suggest you are dealing with TMJ dysfunction and bruxism. Once the problem is noted, your dentist can talk to you about an effective solution. It should be noted that this is only one problem of many that can be identified and treated by your dentist. By sticking with a semiannual dental exam schedule, you can receive regular oral cancer screenings, and have issues with tooth decay spotted before the problem causes complications.

Talk To Dr. Browne If You Are Worried About TMJ Dysfunction

At our Prairie Village, KS dental practice, patients can enjoy expert oral health care from Dr. Browne! For people who exhibit symptoms of TMJ dysfunction, we can provide help to alleviate discomfort, and address the condition of your jaw. To schedule a visit, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.