How Worrying Are Signs Of Dental Wear And Tear?

You may notice that your teeth look different today than they did in older pictures. This could be a consequence of teeth stains that have gathered over time, but the matter can be more than just the color of your smile. You could be seeing a difference because of dental wear and tear that has occurred over time. Friction is a natural consequence when people bite and chew, so some changes can be inevitable. Still, the degree of change might be worthy of some concern. Excess wear and tear can be connected to a teeth grinding issue, a problem that can actually cause your teeth to chip and crack! Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office is prepared to help you manage this problem, and arrange the appropriate treatment if you have concerns about the impact of wear and tear on your teeth.

Dental Wear And Tear Can Make Your Smile Less Attractive

Even if it occurs naturally over time, wear and tear can be a problem. Your smile may look less attractive as a result of this issue, due to changes that have negatively impacted the shape of certain teeth. You may feel that your smile looks less healthy, appears less uniform, or just makes you appear older than you wish to look. With the right cosmetic dental treatment, your dentist can help you hide these problems, and boost your confidence in your appearance.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth While You Sleep?

If you are grinding your teeth while you sleep, you could soon have more to worry about than just cosmetic issues. Teeth grinding can be a symptom of TMJ dysfunction, which refers to lingering problems with your jaw joints that can leave you in pain. The problem is also concerning because the amount of force you generate when clenching your teeth can lead to damages that are serious enough to require dental crowns. If you think you might be dealing with this issue, let your dentist know before it becomes serious enough to require restorative dental work.

We Can Help You Fully Manage Your Oral Health Needs

If you want to control the risks to your smile over time, make sure you are keeping up with smart dental care on a daily basis, and attending regular dental checkups. Your dentist can look at your teeth and gums during every evaluation and warn you about cavities and periodontal troubles. These appointments also lead to the detection and treatment of issues like TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding, and even signs of oral cancer!

Talk To Dr. Browne To Learn What Can Be Done About Dental Wear And Tear

Dr. Browne is prepared to help patients who are starting to grow worried about the state of their smile due to accumulated wear and tear. If you want to look into improving your smile, or if you are concerned that you might need help with an oral health matter, let us know! To learn more about our practice, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.