When Was Your Last Professional Dental Examination?

If you want to stay consistent with preventive dental care, your routine dental checkups should occur on a semiannual basis. Patients who arrive for preventive care at our Prairie Village, KS dental office can look forward to a careful and thorough cleaning of their teeth, and a review that utilizes modern technology to make a careful study of their smile. If you have not kept up with your dental checkups, you should know that you may be unaware of oral health problems that have already formed. People can go about their daily activities unaware that they have issues with tooth decay…at least, they can until that decay causes an internal infection, and leads to serious discomfort.

Keeping Up With Your Oral Health

During regular appointments, you receive both a thorough teeth cleaning, and a review of your oral health. Your cleaning removes tartar, ensures hard-to-reach areas are effectively cared for, and gives you a clearer idea of how effective your daily routine really is. Thanks to advanced imaging technology like digital x-rays, and other services, your dentist can clue you in on problems that are starting to form, or those that have already formed. When something like a cavity is discovered in its early stages, you can avoid a possible root canal treatment, and have the matter addressed with the placement of a dental filling.

Your Dentist Is Looking For More Than Just Cavities During An Exam

At every appointment, your dentist is checking for several areas of concern. That review even includes a check for serious issues, like oral cancer – early detection of this problem can significantly improve your chances of enjoying a successful treatment. You can also talk with your dentist about periodontal concerns, and problems with discomfort caused by TMJ dysfunction.

Steps Every Patient Should Take Between Visits

You should make daily oral care a priority in your life if you want to keep your teeth in top shape. Anyone who wants to prevent problems with cavities, and issues with poor periodontal health, should take the time to brush two times a day, and floss each day. If these habits are not maintained, you are more likely to develop problems, even if you are already attending regular checkups. With that said, you can receive expert feedback about your efforts to keep your smile safe when these appointments are occurring. On top of staying consistent with cleaning your teeth, you should work to keep your diet low in sugar, and rich in nutrients, to limit how much harm your meals, drinks, and snacks can do to your smile.

Talk To Dr. Browne About Scheduling Your Dental Exam

Your dental exams with Dr. Browne can lead to a high degree of consistent care for your smile! Our practice is proud to help people in and around Prairie Village, KS take great care of their teeth and gums. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Browne, contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.