Improving The Patient Experience During Dental Work

If you need to see your Prairie Village, KS dentist for restorative dental work, you may have some fears about what your experience will be like. What you should know is that your visit can be surprisingly pleasant, as your dentist can take steps to make your comfort a priority. When you need to have something like tooth decay addressed, the appropriate anesthetic can limit potential discomfort. Thanks to dental sedation, you can even have help staying relaxed while you spend time in the dentist’s chair. Even as the dental treatment experience has improved, your goal should obviously still be to avoid problems. Keeping up with regular dental exams will help you limit the potential threat of cavities and gum disease.

Using Dental Sedation To Help You Remain Calm And Comfortable During Your Treatment

Dental sedation is not the same as anesthetic. While both contribute to your comfort, sedation is focused on your state of well-being. Nitrous oxide and oral sedatives both make it easier for you to remain calm while your dental needs are addressed, even if you struggle with feelings of anxiety. This can also be effective when you need to remain comfortable over the course of a longer or more involved procedure.

OraVerse Can Make It Easier For You To Return To Your Normal Day

One problem people have with restorative treatment is what they can expect after their work is done. One concern is with the lingering effect of your anesthetic, which can feel uncomfortable and intrusive when you try to run errands, or return to work. OraVerse helps by reducing the window of time where you feel numb. You can still count on relief from discomfort during treatment, and return to your routine more easily after that work is completed!

Dr. Browne Can Help You Have A Better Experience During Dental Work

Under the expert care of Robert M Browne, DDS, patients in and around the Prairie Village, KS area can enjoy quality dental work in a comfortable and welcoming environment. To learn more about us, or to schedule a visit with Dr. Browne, you can contact our office today at (913) 901-8585.