Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Breath Problems

We usually hear from patients that they know something is wrong when they experience tooth pain. However, when other symptoms arise, they often ignore them or assume it’s something that will go away. A big example of this? When you experience bad breath. You might laugh it off or figure it will eventually clear up on its own. What you might not recognize is that this can be just as important to pay attention to as a toothache. Find out why we encourage you to contact us regarding persistently unpleasant breath.

It’s A Different Sign Of Decay Or Infection

Patients most frequently expect tooth pain to be their big sign that a problem is underway, such as a cavity in a tooth or an infection. This is absolutely possible. However, what patients often overlook is the fact that bad breath (and/or a bad taste in your mouth), is frequently your main sign that something isn’t right. Can we usually detect cavities and infection during checkups? Of course! This is why we suggest you are consistent with scheduling them two times every year. However, between visits or if you’ve skipped one or two, don’t ignore halitosis. If it shows up, see us very quickly!

It Means Bacteria Is Building Up

Bad breath, whether tooth pain is present or not, is generally your sign that bacteria is building up in your mouth. Why does this happen? Well, it might be that you’re just not doing a good enough job with your brushing and your flossing. You might not have enough moisture to keep bacteria levels down. If you don’t think it’s something you can fix on your own, let us help. We’re happy to guide you toward bacterial reduction (so you can avoid the decay and other problems that come with it).

Gather New Info On Bad Breath With A Visit

Take some mental notes during your next visit us regarding your bad breath, so you can make sure you’re staying the course regarding your oral health. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.