Relax!: It Will Help Protect Your Teeth

It’s so easy to overlook the fact that when we are not relaxed, we are tensing our bodies. When we tense certain muscles, it can end up negatively affecting any aspect of our health, which means our oral health is included. If you wouldn’t exactly consider yourself the most relaxed person in the world (or you’re simply aware that you could probably stand to do something about your tendency toward tension already), then we are happy to remind you: Issues like bruxism, TMJ disorder, and more become less likely when you’re feeling footloose and fancy free.

Try A Mindfulness Practice

What does this mean? Well, a mindfulness practice just means find something that helps you turn off the “chatter” in your mind, as you center your thoughts and let go of that stress you internalize (and that becomes muscle tension). It will help protect your oral health in addition to so many other systems of your body! Yoga is an option. Meditation is another.

Tap Into Your Creative Side

If a particular practice doesn’t sound like something you’re interested in but you are a very creative individual, remember that the creative arts are often known for their therapeutic value! Go ahead and draw, paint, sing, dance, play an instrument, or whatever it is that helps you “let go,” and you’ll benefit from it.


There’s no part of you, oral health included, that won’t benefit from plain old exercise. Get those muscles moving and those endorphins released as your stress and tension melt away!

Avoid Damage By Speaking With Us About Stress Reduction

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