You’re Missing A Tooth: Now What Happens?

To you, dealing with a missing tooth may be one of the “biggest” events you’ve ever dealt with in your life, particularly as it applies to your experiences with your dental care. To us, however, this is a topic we see, treat, and fix all the time! While you might feel overwhelmed, we remind you that you are in good hands when you come in to see us for the tooth replacement you need with the help of our prosthetic dental care. We can guide you through what you can expect!

You Talk With Us About Your Options

When you lose a tooth, you can get started with replacing it through prosthetic dental care by first scheduling time just to meet with us, talk with us, and to receive a dental exam. Throughout your visit, you’ll learn about the different methods we can use to replace teeth. It’s a relaxed starting point that will send you home with the answers you really need.

You Select A Prosthetic Based On Your Needs And Preferences

Next, you will have time to think through your options. We will speak with you about prosthetic dental care as it will apply to your missing tooth and aspects of your smile, budget, etc. that are particular to you and you alone. Remember that we provide dental bridges, partial dentures, and implants. You have three solutions to consider and we will be happy to help you make a decision.

You Get Back To Life As Usual

Once you decide how to rely on prosthetic dental care for yourself, you’ll receive the replacement and life will go back to life as usual as you enjoy a smile without missing teeth.

Make Use Of Our Prosthetic Dental Care To Replace Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, you’re not stuck with that opening forever. We provide prosthetic dental care to get your smile back to its previous state of completion. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.