Tooth Pain: I Heard That I Should…

You might hear a lot of things when you’re experiencing a problem that you need a solution for. This is particularly true, of course, when you start looking around for help from sources that don’t include our dental team. This is rarely a good plan when it comes to a problem like tooth pain. Yes, you may collect some helpful remedies to relieve the pain momentarily. However, you may also run across ideas that aren’t so helpful. Allow us to name a few (and one that’s a safe bet).

I Heard That I Should Use Numbing Gel

It’s possible that topical gel that’s formulated to relieve oral pain can offer some help. However, remember that it’s primarily for sores and your gum tissue. If you find that it helps you, then go ahead and apply it as directed. However, remember that the tooth pain is your sign that something is wrong, so do not think that this solves the problem.

I Heard That I Should Keep Taking Pain Medication

A friend may have told you to keep taking medication if it has worked and that it means your tooth is getting better. The truth is that you’re actually just masking your tooth pain, which can allow an underlying problem to get worse. Pain medication will offer relief but you still need dental care.

I Heard That I Should Try To Diagnose Myself

You should not try to diagnose yourself when you’re experiencing your tooth pain. This is a problem that requires expert advice. Otherwise, you may end up missing a serious problem or attempting to treat something on your own (which is not advised).

I Heard That I Should See My Dentist

This is absolutely correct! Come see us when pain occurs, so we may fix it!

Come In For A Visit When Tooth Pain Begins

We generally suggest coming in as soon as you can once tooth pain begins, so we can treat any problem early, rather than once it has had time to develop. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.