Remember: Emergencies Come In Many Forms

Have you ever thought about those other reasons you need to see us right away? Not reasons for an emergency care dental visit that crop up because you broke a tooth or you have an excruciatingly intense toothache. Instead, those things that aren’t so much about immediate damage or discomfort but for which you still really need a trip to see us? Think through some details you may not have considered before!

You’re Faced With A Time Crunch

Maybe you’re not dealing with what feels like a traumatic, urgent need for care. However, you’re out of time because of something that’s coming up. Maybe you have an important meeting tomorrow, you’re about to head out of town for a few weeks, etc. We know that sometimes you just need to see us! Take a moment of your time to contact us, fill our team in on what you’re dealing with, and we will then set up an emergency dental care visit for you in the form of a same-day visit.

You’re Out Of Ideas Of Your Own

Maybe you’re not bleeding, dealing with severe pain, or faced with a broken tooth. However, you are out of ideas regarding what to do about your tooth or other tissue. When you need help for your smile and you know if you continue trying to pretend to be a dentist, you might hurt yourself, you also know it’s time to contact us for an emergency dental care appointment. Whether you’ve got a broken dental bridge, you think your filling might have partially fallen out, or you just know you got food stuck that your floss isn’t addressing, tell us. We will provide you with instructions and will let you know when we can see you, so you don’t have to wait until a regularly scheduled appointment!

See Us For Emergency Care When You Need Our Help

Don’t hide out when you know you need professional dental care. Even if you feel unsure about an urgent visit, it’s to your benefit to call to get our opinion and to secure a time for your appointment. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.