Oral Discomfort: 3 Things You’re Missing

You may wonder what’s going on when you take what you think is wonderful care of your teeth … but you still deal with toothaches and other concerns. As you may have guessed, sometimes there are not-so-obvious facets of your daily life that play into the development of discomfort, which can express itself in different forms. Not so sure you might be doing something that you are completely unaware is affecting your smile health? Think through a few examples for a clearer understanding of the possibilities.

Your Medication Can Cause Problems

The medications that you take can lead to oral discomfort. While you’re not likely to experience a toothache, you are likely to develop something we know as “dry mouth” if you are taking medication that has this disorder as a side effect. It can make saliva feel thick or stringy, can alter your sense of taste, may give you bad breath, and can make your mouth feel very dry. Check the literature that comes with meds to avoid this issue. Drink more water. See us if you need help!

Topical Products Can Become An Issue

What are you putting on your face? Do you use a face wash? A toner? An astringent? Perhaps you use a moisturizer or a medication provided by your dermatologist. Keep in mind that this can contribute to the drying out of your lip tissues, which can lead to uncomfortably dry and cracked lips.

Daily Habits Can Take A Toll

The things you’re doing every day (often without thinking about them) can lead to a toothache or soreness. Do you eat very hard, crunchy foods? Do you consider ice a fun snack? Are you chewing on a pencil? Avoid habits related to chewing that is unnecessary (or to chewing things that require lots of force).

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