Dental Care: When You May See Us!

When you’re thinking about your smile and you feel the need to call us to schedule a dental care visit, do you do so? Or, is there a part of you that wonders if you should be very thoughtful about when (and for what) you schedule appointments? To be clear, we’d like to remind you that you when you want or need a visit, it’s always a very good time to pick up your phone and let us know! However, since you may feel more sure about this with some examples of what we mean, we are happy to address the topic!

For Your Regularly Scheduled Visits

You may schedule dental care with us for your regularly scheduled preventive care. This is actually something we insist on if you’re hoping for your teeth and your gum tissue to remain nice and healthy. (These cleaning and checkup visits should happen two times every year, about six months apart, by the way).

For Emergency Visits

You should also feel confident contacting us if you need emergency dental care. This means that you broke a tooth, something hurts very badly, you’re in dire need of assistance, etc. Don’t hesitate! Just call for the care you need.

For Same Day Visits

Maybe you have a concern that can wait a few hours but it definitely needs to be seen. This is a good time to let us know you’re in need of a same day visit for dental care. We will find time to see you so that you can get the information, relief, and treatment suggestion you need.

See Us For A Visit When You Need Dental Care

Whether you need emergency care, preventive care, a repair, or otherwise, we are here to assist with your oral health needs! Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.