Dental Hygiene: 2 Common Nighttime Blunders

The second you think you’ve got your dental hygiene all figured out, you may notice there’s one final detail you haven’t fully sorted out just yet. If it’s got anything to do with how you’re doing with your care at night, then rest assured you are absolutely not alone! For many, nighttime is a cozy, relaxing part of the day that can make getting through brushing and flossing (and then getting into bed) a wee bit more complicated that one would like. Not to worry, of course, as we have heard this tale many a time and can happily help.

#1: You Fall Asleep Before Brushing

Do you discover that you have been falling asleep before you brush your teeth? As a result, you are faced with two realities. The first is one in which you drag your tired self out of bed, brush and floss, and then feel very angry about dental hygiene. The second is one in which you just skip it, go back to sleep, and realize in the morning that you should have gotten up. Neither is wonderful. How to fix the problem? Brush and floss first before you plop yourself onto the sofa or into bed. You’ll be very happy you did.

#2: The Bathroom Lights Wake Your Brain

Just like you’re encouraged to avoid looking at your TV screen and phone screen at night, you are often encouraged to avoid looking at bright lights (like in your bathroom) before bed. This is because the light activates brain activity that causes you to feel energized (your brain assumes you’re looking at the sun and that it is morning). Avoid going to bed after brushing, only to lie there wide away by keeping bathroom lights dim (or using a small nightlight option), so dental hygiene isn’t disruptive.

Ask For Tips For Nighttime Dental Hygiene

Not feeling up to your nighttime brushing and flossing as often as you should? Just ask for assistance and we can help. Learn more by scheduling a visit in Prairie Village, KS by calling Robert M Browne, DDS at (913) 901-8585.