Sneaky Staining Culprits

There are some staining culprits out there that you might not have thought about just yet. Of course, if you’re drinking a lot of red wine, then you won’t be surprised if your teeth discolor. Or, if you’re just not taking exceptional care of your teeth and are forgetting to brush them, then some staining won’t come as a shock. However, what if you think you’re following the rules but you’re still ending up with a lackluster grin? We’re happy to offer up some sneaky possibilities you might be overlooking and that may require teeth whitening.

Between The Teeth Stains

Just because you’re a champion when it comes to brushing your teeth doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing everything you need to do. Remember that you need to floss every day (just one time!), too. Otherwise, you’re missing food particles and staining buildup that accumulates between your teeth. The result? Stains where you certainly do not want them! Need help? Ask us about teeth whitening.

Intrinsic Stains

You know that stains can form on your teeth, of course. However, did you realize that they can form inside of your teeth, too? When this happens, it’s referred to as intrinsic staining (as opposed to extrinsic staining). Why is it happening? Likely due to an injury or a side effect of a particular type of medication. Not to worry. We can help with cosmetic care.

White Wine

Yep! It’s true. Though white wine won’t deposit pigmented particles onto your teeth like red wine, it is very acidic. Over time, it can strip the enamel from your teeth, which does two things: It exposes the yellow dentin beneath and it leaves your teeth more likely to develop stains. Talk with us about teeth whitening and other forms of cosmetic care for help!

Prevent And Treat Stains With Our Team

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