Gingivitis: Treatment Facts

We often find that when patients come to us and are diagnosed with gingivitis, they are a little confused about what to expect as far as treatment is concerned. Do you know how this gum health problem is best handled? To find out whether you need to handle it on your own, if you require professional dental care, and more, we are happy to enlighten you! As a result, if the day should arrive that you need care for gum inflammation, you will know exactly how to respond.

Fact: OTC Treatments Can’t Cure It

Don’t go home and think that you can pick up mouthwash formulated to fight gingivitis and that the problem will go away. You may end up providing yourself with some good bacterial control but you are not going to be able to get rid of the swelling, any infection, or the buildup that caused it in the first place. You need our care.

Fact: Improved Home Care Won’t Eradicate It

We know that your first thought is something along the lines of, “Well, I’ll just get completely dedicated to brushing and flossing like I’m supposed to, and the problem will probably go away.” Unfortunately, gingivitis isn’t going to clear up as a result of better dental hygiene. The good news is, though, that once we clear it up for you, your hygiene will keep it from coming back.

Fact: Only Professional Care Will Eliminate It

So, how to reverse gingivitis before it gets worse and leads toward serious infection? Come to us. We offer ultrasonic deep cleanings to set you back on track toward excellent gum health.

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