Bumps In Your Mouth: What To Think?

When you find a bump or lump in your mouth, you may go into emotional overload, wondering what’s happening and if something serious is wrong! The good news is that bumps can be the result of minor irritation or an issue like a canker sore that will clear up on its on in most instances. However, we know that any type of oral pathology can feel quite scary to the person experiencing it. As a result, we encourage you to think through our suggestions, so you can remain relaxed and receive the dental care you need.

Come In For A Visit

Before you hop online and begin self-diagnosing what you think is going on with your oral health, it’s best to come in for a dental care visit. This is true for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • We can tell you what is really going on, so you can save yourself time and unnecessary stress
  • We can either send you home and tell you the issue will resolve or offer any required treatment

Don’t Mess With It

It’s often tempting to try to treat a bump on your own if it seems like something that you can pop, squeeze, or pile some type of ointment on. While the urge to perform your own dental care may feel quite strong, it’s always better to leave a bump alone. Come see us, so we can help you avoid making matters worse.

Remember, Early Detection Is Best

Let’s say you do require some measure of dental care for the bump in your mouth. For some patients, this thought may make you feel like you’d rather just not know what’s wrong and pretend it’s not there. Keep this in mind: Treating problems immediately generally means we can clear them up and restore your oral health. If you wait, however, an issue can become very complex and hard to address. Seeing us ASAP is the better choice!