Tips: Protecting Your Smile After Teeth Whitening

What you don’t want to happen is to receive teeth whitening and then to end up with a smile that looks less vibrant within a year. What you do want is a sparkling smile that looks that way for a long time. Is it possible to maintain a lovely white smile, you wonder? Of course! All you need is some simple tips, so you are making every effort to keep your teeth clean and free of new stains.

Tip: Be Careful With Stain Causing Beverages

It’s important when you are trying to protect your smile after teeth whitening to keep stain causers in mind. These often come in the form of beverages (and foods may stain your teeth, too). If something is quite colorful and can stain your T-shirt, it can stain your teeth. What to limit? Red wine, tea, berries. You get the idea, of course. Don’t worry, however, that you need to cut these out of your life. If you rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking staining foods (then follow with brushing), you’ll be A-OK.

Tip: Behold The Power Of Home Dental Care

If you’re brushing and you’re flossing as we have told you is best on a daily basis, you’re doing your part to keep your teeth clean. Teeth that are free of accumulating plaque, free of tartar buildup, and that are generally healthy are going to remain whiter longer after teeth whitening.

Tip: Don’t Underestimate Dental Cleanings

Don’t think that limiting staining foods and brushing and flossing like a pro is all it takes. Those dental cleanings we recommend are essential in preventing staining, removing plaque and tartar, and promoting a healthy smile that glitters.