Oral Health: 2 Times Urgency Is Required

Life is full of activities, packed schedules, priorities, and the need to decide between whether something requires urgency or not. When it comes to your oral health, we understand that you don’t necessarily think of your brushing, flossing, and visits as the most important part of your day (though, of course, that would be quite lovely!). However, there are a couple areas of dental care that do require you to act quite quickly (or else fall victim to some unkindly consequences). Take our advice to heart, so you can avoid unnecessary complications.

#1: When You Need A Restorative Treatment

You might figure a cavity is no big deal. The infection we found isn’t even hurting you yet, so you must have some time. Right? Wrong! When we tell you that you require a restorative treatment, you need it immediately. Otherwise, your current level of damage will worsen, pain may increase, additional damage may occur, and you will find yourself requiring a more advanced, costly treatment (or you may even require an extraction). Always act quickly!

#2: When You Experience Tooth Loss

You may not think losing a tooth or multiple teeth is a big deal. Sure, it doesn’t make for a uniform, gorgeous smile. It may also disrupt your eating or your speaking a little bit. However, you figure the space will continue to remain in place, so you can seek dental care when you’re ready. However, we encourage you to stop thinking this way and to act with urgency when you lose teeth. Why? As a matter of fact, that space isn’t going to remain just as it is. Instead, the remaining teeth you have in your mouth will start to shift (toward that open area), which means your smile will fall into a new alignment. Tooth loss also makes dental hygiene more difficult and can lead to jawbone deterioration. If you lose a tooth, schedule a visit with us ASAP.