Why Is My Breath Bad In The Winter?

Have you noticed that you tend to deal with bad breath in the wintertime but not so much during other times of the year? If so, there could be some easy-to-explain reasons for that! However, you might have trouble putting your finger on the details because it’s not always the most obvious of factors. Consider a little helpful advice and you may be amazed that returning to your usual fresh breath isn’t too difficult to achieve.

It’s Dry Mouth Time!

There are some very simple explanations regarding why you may be more prone to dry mouth during the winter months. Remember, this disorder is one that occurs when your mouth does not have sufficient saliva flow, so accumulating bacteria give you bad breath. Consider the following:

  • It’s cold and flu season! When upper respiratory congestion occurs, mouth breathing increases. When you breathe through your mouth, your mouth dries out. Treat congestion to protect your breath.
  • If you run your central heat at night, this can be quite drying, leading to dehydrated oral tissues. Consider using a humidifier and drinking more water!

Those Comfort Meals Are Smelly

You’re more likely to enjoy comfort foods during winter months, which might mean increased garlic, onions, and other delicious yet pungent foods. This can make your breath smell unpleasant! Choose bland dishes for a bit to see if your bad breath clears up (or simply leave out the strong smelling ingredients). If not, contact us to let us know you need a little assistance.