Chewing Gum: The Questions You’re Afraid To Ask!

gumbubbleDo you go back and forth as you try to decide if chewing gum is okay for your oral health? Perhaps you can think of benefits as well as drawbacks but you’re afraid to ask for a final answer because you want us to say, “Yes, of course! Chewing gum is fabulous for your smile!” The good news is that it actually can offer advantages to your grin (but not in all instances). So do yourself a favor, put your hesitation aside, and learn more about how you can safely add gum into your life.

Is It Okay To Chew Gum?

In some instances, it’s perfectly fine if not beneficial to chew gum. However, not all chewing and bubble gums are alike! Some contain sugar (which is never a good idea). Others are “sugarless” or “sugar-free,” which is usually a sign that the gum is good for your oral health but there are some exceptions.

The Details

As mentioned, it’s never good for your oral health to chew gum that has sugar in it, so we always suggest against it. It can quickly lead to cavities, particularly if you chew it regularly. As for sugarless gum, here’s what you need to know:

  • If you have a bridge or other dental work in place, gum can cause problems by becoming stuck or wound around the device. Talk with us for our opinion regarding the dental work you are concerned about, so we can then help you make the best choices.
  • Gum without sugar in it is helpful for your oral health! It removes plaque and leftover bits of food.
  • Sugarless gum increases saliva flow, which is a key factor in flushing bacteria from your smile.