3 Things We See At Checkups (That You Don’t)

You might think to yourself that it’s perfectly fine to postpone your dental checkup. After all, you’ve taken a look in the mirror at your teeth and gums, you’ve made note that they feel just fine, and you can’t see any obvious problems. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to check your oral health. In fact, you might be overlooking some issues that we can quickly detect (and treat before they turn into serious concerns). Take a moment to learn about some problems you cannot see but we will find, so you understand the significance of a checkup.

#1: Gingivitis

Did you know that even with all of the possible symptoms that might arrive, letting you know that you have gingivitis, it is also possible you won’t see even one sign of a problem? As a result, it’s important to remember that you might not be able to notice gum disease on your own. Dental checkups offer you a safety net! We will recognize the issue for you, so you can protect your gums.

#2: Cavities

It’s very likely that you won’t have any idea you are suffering from tooth decay until the problem becomes serious. However, when you come see us for dental checkups, we can recognize the beginning of a cavity in its earliest stages. This means we can fix your tooth before a problematic hole forms.

#3: Infection

Unfortunately, even infection can become a quiet and unwelcome visitor in your mouth. You will be happy to learn that though you may remain unaware of a serious problem brewing within your oral tissues, we can discover such a concern during dental checkups, so you avoid serious damage as a result.