Common Crown Curiosities

dentalcrownwhiteHave you noticed that even though you have a good understanding of how a dental crown can help your smile, there are still some aspects of this restorative treatment that leave you somewhat mystified? When you continue to feel curious about any portion of dental care, remember that it’s always a good idea to ask us your questions. For the time being, we are glad to walk you through some common questions about crowns, so you know what’s what.

How Long Can My Dental Crown Last?

Did you know that a crown has the ability to last many years? It’s possible that a crown can last around five years or so, which is a nice stretch of time. However, it is also entirely possible that the same crown can remain in place, offering benefits, and looking lovely for over 20 years. Hoping for the long-lasting version? Follow our recommendations for home and professional dental care.

Is It Hard To Care For A Crown?

About those suggestions for your oral health care: It’s not difficult at all. In fact, caring for a dental crown pretty much follows the same guidelines that we will present for a natural smile without any restorations present. Your daily care needs to include two (two-minute) brushing sessions and a flossing session. Your annual professional care needs to include two visits with us for a checkup and cleaning (every six months).

Will My Crown Look Natural?

Of course. If your tooth is visible and you want your crown to blend with your smile and to look “real,” you will be able to choose from our selection of lifelike options. These include porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM), as well as zirconia.