What is a Dental Deep Cleaning?

Even the neatest housekeeper may schedule a whole-house deep cleaning before relatives come over. After guests have departed, you may decide to deep clean the carpets. In these cases of deep cleaning, experts with special equipment come restore a situation. What do we mean when we talk about a dental deep cleaning? We are talking about a procedure (sometimes called periodontal cleaning, or scaling/root planing) that removes plaque and tarter below the gum line, to restore the health of your teeth.

Why Would I Need Dental Deep Cleaning?

Plaque is the sticky film that naturally forms on our teeth through the natural interaction of food, saliva and oral bacteria. Ideally it is brushed and rinsed away every few hours, keeping the teeth and gums healthy. When teeth are not cleaned effectively, the plaque can harden into tartar (which must be scraped away). Plaque and tartar can also work under the gumline, towards the hidden root of the tooth. Your toothbrush and floss cannot clean these areas, but a dental deep cleaning can.

What Happens in a Dental Deep Cleaning?

During scaling/root planing procedures, our caring and experienced dental hygienists will clean tooth areas that are underneath the gum line. Our ultrasonic tools use highly focused, high frequency sound waves to break up plaque and tartar below the gum line. The ultrasonic beam is surrounded by a thin stream of water, that cools the area, and rinses the particles away. Many patients are more comfortable receiving sedation for this procedure. We may schedule more than one session, depending on individual situations. If we see the need for a dental deep cleaning, we will discuss your specific situation with you, and make sure your questions are fully answered before we begin.

Routine Cleanings Help Maintain Dental Health

Once the plaque and tartar are removed, you may be able to maintain this healthy state with good home care and twice yearly checkups. Routine cleanings (the dental term for this is prophylaxis) let our dental hygiene experts help you keep your teeth in top condition. We can advise you on brushing and flossing habits if we see spots you are missing. We want to be your partner so that effective routine care can head off the need for deep cleanings.