Protect Your Enamel: 3 Things To Avoid

When you’re trying to figure out what to do to protect your enamel, it’s often best to focus on the major categories of things to avoid. As a result, your teeth will remain safe. Surprised that it could be this easy? Well, it might require you to begin making new decisions and saying goodbye to some old habits. The good news is that once you’re used to a new approach, you can rest easy about your dental structure and oral health without a second thought.


Granted, you’re not sipping on pure acid, so this might seem a little bit confusing. When we talk about avoiding acid to protect your enamel, we mean that you need to do your best to avoid things that are obviously acidic in nature. For instance, sodas, citrus fruit, sports drinks, fruit juice, and coffee are all acidic! Does that mean you have to give them up? Nope. However, avoiding or limiting them (or rinsing and brushing after you enjoy them) will help.


This is the easy one. When you eat sugar, the pH of your mouth becomes more acidic, which can lead to enamel damage (while encouraging decay). Clearly, avoiding sugar is key! As with any acidic foods, we encourage you to limit your intake or to act responsibly when you indulge.


It might seem logical to try to find exfoliating particles to cleanse your teeth but this will only damage your enamel. Steer clear of firm-bristled toothbrushes and any type of toothpaste or related product that might scrape your teeth.