Sensitive Teeth: 3 Things To Know

Are you someone who doesn’t say much about it but you struggle quite consistently with sensitive teeth? If so, we encourage you to stop hiding this problem and do something about it. Are you more than happy to do something about it but you really don’t know where to start? If so, we suggest you consider the possible reasons for your sensitivity and then (you may have seen this coming): Come in and talk with us, so your smile can stop causing you problems!

#1: It Could Be Your Brushing

It’s often hard to accept as a dental patient but your sensitive teeth can be the result of something as simple (and self-inflicted!) as vigorous brushing. If you immediately think to yourself, “Well, I do brush pretty hard,” then you might have your answer. Anything other than a gentle touch is too much, can result in gum recession, and may cause sensitivity.

#2: You Might Need Restorative Care

Now, ask yourself when your last appointment was with us. Ask yourself if you have any cavities or other issues you haven’t addressed. If it’s time you come in for a preventive or restorative visit, do so as soon as possible. If sensitive teeth are the result of a problem like tooth decay or something requiring repair, that discomfort is letting you know you need care now.

#3: It’s Worth A Visit

As noted, your sensitive teeth are certainly worthy of scheduling a visit. When you avoid dental checkups, you can let minor issues blossom into something you could have easily treated with immediate care. Even sensitivity is a good reason to come on in!