Toothpaste Time: Do You Know The Facts?

toothpasteswirlHave you ever taken a glance at your tube of toothpaste and realized you never received any type of formal education (or even a casual education) about your paste? Perhaps you have long wondered whether gel or paste is better, if flavor matters, and how much you should really be using for effective dental hygiene. Fortunately, the answers are simple and you will remember them for life! Let’s quickly make our way through the essential details.

How Much Toothpaste?

You don’t need a lot. You really just need one pea-size dollop of toothpaste. It’s true, so don’t be fooled into thinking you need a long glob of it on your brush. This might be welcome news if you feel like you tend to go through toothpaste faster than you can blink.

Fluoridated Or Not?

For effective dental hygiene, we always suggest fluoridated toothpaste. This is true for adults and children alike. In addition to cleaning plaque and food particles from your teeth, fluoride will actually contribute to the strengthening of your enamel, so decay is less likely to occur.

Abrasive Or Nonabrasive?

You will always want to choose nonabrasive toothpaste, whether you’re brushing natural tooth tissue or artificial. It might seem like abrasive is a good plan for keeping your smile clean but it will only end up damaging your teeth. Stick with a soft-bristle toothbrush and gentle paste for a clean healthy smile.

Which Flavor?

Any flavor is fine! Any texture is fine. As long as you enjoy what you’re using and it is proving to protect you from tooth decay and other problems, it’s a good choice for your dental hygiene sessions.