What To Expect When You Need Advanced Restorative Work

what to expect when you need advanced restorative workWith good oral care at home, and regular checkups from your dentist, you can significantly lower the odds of developing a serious dental problem. If a serious problem does form, you should seek a remedy as soon as you possibly can. If you start to feel pain in your tooth, seeking treatment can address the source of the pain. Restorative work from your dentist can stop a serious cavity from spreading beyond your tooth. You should also know that if you need a procedure that involves the use of a local anesthetic, your dentist can offer help to minimize the aftereffect.

Undergoing A Root Canal Treatment

Not every cavity will require a root canal treatment. The procedure is necessary when an infection has actually reached the pulp of your tooth, where living tissue is housed. Your dentist will have to access this central portion of your tooth, remove the infected material, then re-seal the pulp.

Receiving A Dental Crown

If you receive a root canal, you should expect to have a dental crown placed on your tooth. The crown covers up a tooth that is no longer capable of withstanding the impacts of biting and chewing.

Tooth Extraction

If it is too damaged to restore, your dentist can safely extract a problem tooth. This can stop advanced decay from spreading bacteria through your root, and causing more problems.

OraVerse Can Help Offset The Effects Of Local Anesthetic

If you receive any treatment that involves localized anesthetic, you can enjoy a faster recovery from its effects with OraVerse. OraVerse speeds up your recovery from the effects of anesthetic, so that you can return to your normal day sooner.


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