Cosmetic Orthodontics With Clear Aligners

When you have dental misalignment, this could not only impact the overall appearance of your smile, but lead to issues with the function and health of your smile. Instead of using braces to correct these issues, our team will create a series of plastic aligners. In today’s blog, your Prairie Village, KS, dentist talks about clear orthodontic aligners.

The Causes and Risks of Dental Misalignment

How do our smiles develop misalignment? The issue could occur due to thumb sucking in childhood, premature loss of baby teeth, wisdom tooth eruption, or even tooth loss in the teen and adult years. Issues with the growth of your smile and the eruption of your teeth could be factors as well. When you have crooked, crowded, and overlapping teeth, this could lead to difficulty thoroughly brushing and flossing, so you’re vulnerable to cavities and even gum disease. The stress on your jaw joints could mean TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) too. You could also simply feel embarrassed about your appearance. But we can help with our clear aligners!

Creating a Series of Custom Trays

To begin, we will take a close look at your smile with advanced imaging technology. We want to assess the cause and severity of your misalignment to see if this is the best choice for you. If so, we will use a small camera at the end of a thin wand to gather digital images of your smile from multiple angles, which we use to create a digital 3D impression. With this information, our team can design and craft a series of clear aligners that will guide your smile into proper alignment and offer benefits over traditional braces.

The Clear Aligner Treatment Process

Treatment is simple. You will wear a set for about 20 to 22 hours a day on average over a period of about two weeks. You then begin wearing the next set in the series and continue this process for about a year. The trays are designed to be practically invisible and comfortable when in place. You have fewer office visits, and they are easy to clean and maintain during your treatment. They can travel with you as needed too! These are also removable, so mealtime is much simpler, no fears of objects being stuck in your orthodontics, being removable also means better brushing and flossing during treatment, so stains and cavities are less likely.

If you have any questions about how we correct your misalignment with our clear aligners, then contact our team today to learn more.


Our team wants to help you enjoy a straighter smile and better oral health with a cosmetic and comfortable orthodontic system. To find out more, you can call Dr. Browne in Prairie Village, KS, at 913-901-8585.