A Simple Way To Improve Your Smile

Some people may be led to believe that cosmetic dental enhancements will dramatically change the appearance of their grins. However, there are more conservative approaches to smile improvements. If you are looking for a way to boost your confidence but keep a natural look, Dr. Browne and his team in Prairie Village, KS, can help you. Bonding and contouring is a happy medium for patients looking to cover blemishes on their pearly whites without major changes.

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What Is Bonding?

For patients whose discoloration is deeper than the surface level, professional whitening will not yield the desired results. Instead, a different approach will need to be taken. Bonding is the process of adding composite resin over blemishes. This is beneficial for patients with minor chips, intrinsic discoloration, or uneven teeth.

If you have minor cracks, you may not need to cover the entire tooth with a crown. Bonding will cover the damage and also protect it from further chipping. It can also make your smile look more symmetrical if one of your teeth is unevenly shaped. Even after braces or Invisalign, having misshapen teeth can make your smile look misaligned.

Benefits Of Contouring

It is also common for patients to have pointy or jagged teeth. If you have this problem, contouring can help shave down the tooth until it is smooth. Unlike the shaping process when preparing veneers, this form of contouring is very minimal and only for visual purposes.

Another cosmetic option such as gum contouring can be paired with bonding as well. We can reshape the gingival tissue using a special tool that will be gentle on your gums. This is helpful for patients who have a gummy grin, which can make the smile appear uneven.

Before Receiving Cosmetic Enhancements

It is important that your oral health is in good condition before working on visual improvements. Having an attractive smile does not mean that you are healthy. During your consultation, Dr. Browne will examine your oral cavity to ensure that your teeth are free of cavities and there are no signs of periodontal disease. If any significant problems are noticed, he will decide on the best treatment plan for your needs.

After receiving cosmetic treatments, it is important to keep up with your hygiene still. To keep your tooth bonding looking fresh, remember to maintain a good oral care routine every day. Brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash at least twice a day. Don’t skip your checkups either. These visits will ensure that you are in good health.

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