What To Do When You Chip A Tooth

Chipped a tooth? Dr. Browne can help you

Did you know that one of the most common dental emergencies patients face involves cracking, chipping, or damaging the dentition in some way? Today, your Prairie Village, KS, dentist is here to tell you what to do if this – or another emergency– happens to you.

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Protecting Your Teeth Against Damage

If your oral health is good, then your pearly whites should be strong and able withstand a lot of pressure. However, not all accidents and injuries can be prevented with hygiene alone. Problems such as bruxism and TMJ disorder can wear down the enamel of your tooth and make it more susceptible to breaking.

Playing contact sports can also put you at risk. We do not want you to miss your favorite game of hockey, soccer, or football, but to protect your smile, we recommend that you wear a mouthguard. This helps keep your teeth protected against bumps and falls.

Biting into hard foods can also lead to chipping a tooth. Tough candies like rock candies and lollipops can be tempting to bite into but can harm your dentition. Bone-in meats like wings or chicken legs are also some of the most common foods that cause damage. We do not want you to miss your favorite foods but try to eat these in moderation.

What To Do If You Suffer From A Crack Or Chip

Even with the best prevention, accidents can still happen. If you end up in this situation, remember not to panic. This can make processing your thoughts more difficult. Rinse your mouth out with water and try to keep the area clean. Then, call us so that we can get you in for an emergency visit.

At your emergency visit, we will assess the damage. In many cases, this problem can be fixed with a dental crown or bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic option that is used to add to the existing tooth when the damage is minor.

 A dental crown is a type of restoration used to repair more severe damage. This will take a few appointments. At the initial one, we will examine the area and take an impression of your smile. We will send you home wearing a temporary cap to reduce the chances of the damage spreading. Once the crown is created and sent to us, we will schedule your next appointment. The crown will be bonded to your existing tooth and will blend right in with the rest of your smile.

Receive Your Dental Crown Today

Schedule a call with your Prairie Village, KS dental office at (913) 901-8585 to fix your damaged tooth. Getting a crown placed sooner rather than later will help restore the tooth back to its original function.