Your Overactive Jaw Can Cause Damage!

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Do you grind your teeth? This is one of the most common unconscious activities, and many people do this when they are anxious or just as a way to fidget. When you grind your teeth at night, however, it can be a much more serious condition, and it can affect your oral health in a number of ways. If you find that you are waking up with a sore jaw, or if your sleep quality is not at the level you would like to see, talk to your dentist.

With our helpful team of dedicated oral health experts in Prairie Village, KS, you can take positive steps to keep your smile safe from bruxism. This condition can wear down your enamel, leaving you with stubby and shortened teeth. It can even shift your alignment, giving you crooked or crowded teeth, and bruxism damage can be quite pointed and severe. When you find that you are grinding your teeth overnight, talk to our team about your options in treatment!

Bruxism Is A Serious Jaw Condition, So Talk To Your Dentist

If you grind your teeth overnight, you might feel that this situation is not severe enough to warrant a call to your oral health provider. After all, doesn’t everyone do this to some extent while they sleep?

When you find yourself waking up with jaw pain, or if you have noticed a change in the appearance or feeling of your teeth, it is time to talk with your dentist. Bruxism can cause major damage if left untreated, so it is important to take this condition seriously. This common activity, when it happens overnight, can lead to the undue wear of your enamel, which can alter your teeth and even leave them susceptible to infection. Talk to your dentist about your bruxism at your next semiannual dental checkup. If it’s been longer than six months since your last one, you need to schedule an appointment anyway!

Learn About Convenient Treatment For Bruxism And TMJ

Alongside teeth grinding, temporomandibular joint dysfunction is another reason to talk with your dentist. This might show up as a clicking noise or pain whenever you open your jaw. Sometimes, these two conditions can work together to damage your smile, so schedule an appointment with your dentist if you are having jaw issues.

At our office, we can help you to relieve the tension and stress on your jaw with the use of an oral appliance. This helpful night guard keeps your jaw where it needs to be all night long!

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Struggling with your jaw? It’s time to talk with your dentist about treatment. For more information or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.