A Dental Implant Can Complete Your Smile

Prairie Village, KS, Dental Implants

If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you do not need to suffer a permanent hole in your smile. By talking to your dentist about your prosthetic options for replacing missing teeth, you can discover the versatile benefits of a dental implant. This biocompatible post inserts directly into the jaw via the socket to fuse with your oral tissues underneath. After you are finished healing from placement, the implant post holds an abutment above the gumline that can hold a variety of visible replacement teeth. For a single missing member, we suggest placing a dental crown, while your implant can hold bridges and dentures as well for more advanced forms of tooth loss.

At your Prairie Village, KS, dental office, we provide restorative services to help community members take on the travails of dental loss. This means counseling patients on their options for adjusting to life with an incomplete smile. When you learn that the benefits of prosthetic tooth replacement are far more than cosmetic, you will enjoy regaining the function of your bite. Dental implants offer the unique benefit of stimulating your jawbone to help it maintain density and preserve your appearance.

Adjusting To Life With A Missing Tooth

When your smile is healthy, every single tooth works in concert with one another to form your bite. The loss of a single member can have cascading effects on every remaining tooth. This is because tooth loss sends a disproportionate amount of force to other teeth that may accelerate their wear and tear. As you lose protective enamel, your smile becomes more at risk for decay and gum disease. This can lead to losing even more teeth without treatment! By visiting your dentist shortly after losing your tooth, you can place a prosthetic to stabilize your bite and prevent the likelihood of this from happening.

Designing And Placing Your Implant Tooth

We can take detailed measurements of your oral structures to determine if you are a candidate for dental implantation. Because this prosthetic burrows into your jaw, the bone must be dense enough to hold the titanium post. If it is strong enough, we will operate to place the implant securely. As you heal over the next few months, we prepare to place an above-the-gum prosthetic that connects to an abutment at the end of your post. Depending on the amount and location of your missing teeth, we could place a crown, bridge, or even a full set of dentures!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS, Dentist About Restoring Your Missing Tooth!

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