Take Time Daily To Care For Your Smile

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By taking time out of your day to focus on self-care, you are more easily able to accomplish your other tasks. When it comes to oral health, this means regularly brushing and flossing your teeth to help protect your smile from the effects of tooth decay and gum disease. Knowing that your smile is healthy can reduce the stress that occurs from dealing with poor health conditions, so please make your oral health a priority each morning and evening. By supporting your daily oral care with regular trips to your dentist’s office, you can receive an inspection of your continuing efforts as well as treatments when problems do occur. When you attend semiannually, you can catch cavities and other issues early in their development before they can significantly harm your smile.

At your Prairie Village, KS dental practice, we work with you to develop healthy habits outside of our office. At each checkup, we can identify problem areas in your smile that may require a little more attention and counsel you on how to better treat them. Something as simple as reviewing your flossing technique can benefit your oral care!

When Plaque Attaches To Your Smile’s Surface

Dental plaque is a primary threat to the ongoing health of your smile. Composed of oral bacteria and food particles that they feed off of, anyone can develop plaque when they do not properly clean their smile. Left on the surface of your teeth, plaque produces an acidic waste product that can wear away at your enamel and infect your gums. Eventually, you can develop cavities and gum disease if you do not clean it regularly.

Regularly Brush Your Teeth

When selecting a toothbrush, make sure to select bristles soft enough that they will not harm your gums. By choosing a toothpaste that contains fluoride, you can help remineralize your enamel each time you brush your teeth. Concentrate on brushing the entire surface area of each tooth, and make sure to take at least two minutes each session.

The Importance Of Flossing

If you brush your teeth but choose to skip the flossing step, you leave particles of food and plaque in between where your brush cannot reach. To prevent cavities and gum infections from occurring, floss one time each day. For a proper technique, make sure that you pull the floss string against the side of each tooth as you go down to the gum line. By sticking to a regular schedule, you can prevent bleeding that occurs when you have not been flossing recently.

Speak With Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Scheduling A Dental Checkup!

Healthy oral hygiene depends upon regular care at home and routine checkups from your dentist. To learn more or to schedule a visit, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at (913) 901-8585.