Detecting The Signs Of Oral Cancer

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Regularly visiting the dentist supports your oral health in many different ways. Not only do your routine cleanings help you prevent cavity formation, but your semiannual examination allows us to detect existing issues in your mouth before they become worse. Abrupt changes in your oral tissues can be a cause for concern, so you should notify us in between visits if you suspect a problem. By examining your cheeks, tongue, and lips, we can determine when you present common signs of oral cancer. By learning the symptoms that we look for, you become aware of what to check for on your own at home. This means examining your mouth each morning when you perform your brushing and flossing routine. By detecting growths, lumps, or sores, you can receive a diagnosis early which is associated with higher odds of successful cancer treatment.

At your Prarie Village, KS, dentist, we check your mouth for signs of oral cancer at every routine visit to maximize early detection. This is one of the many reasons you should remain prudent in attending every appointment. Skipping an exam could mean waiting another six months to detect a symptom in your mouth. Remember that when it comes to fighting oral cancer, your dentist is your first responder!

Behaviors That Help Prevent Oral Cancer

Because you cannot control certain factors that influence cancer, such as family history or your age, focusing on your lifestyle behaviors can help you reduce your chances of catching the disease. Using tobacco is one of the strongest risk factors for oral cancer, and the more you use, the greater your risk. Similarly, heavy alcohol use increases your risk, and the combination of drinking and smoking can multiply your chances. You can reduce your disease risk by following a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and beans. Exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight provide protection as well. Remember to see your dentist regularly to examine the health of your mouth and detect any potential signs before they advance!

Examining Your Mouth For Cancer At Home

You can monitor your health at home in between your dental visits to assist in early cancer detection. While brushing your teeth you can check for any sudden changes in the color of your oral tissues or sores that appear. Unexplained weight loss or difficulty swallowing may also indicate the disease. Not all symptoms are visible, so report any consistent pain in your mouth to your dentist as well. Whenever a symptom presents, do not wait until your next cleaning but talk to your dentist right away!

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Scheduling An Oral Cancer Screening

Detecting the symptoms of oral cancer early increases your chances for successful treatment. For more information and to schedule a screening, please contact your Prairie Village, KS dental practice today at 913-901-8585.