Esthetic Changes Made With Clear Aligners

Until you feel truly confident showing it off, you can be less than thrilled by the quality of your smile. When problems can be traced back to issues with the way your teeth are spaced, you can feel unhappy, but you can also feel uneasy about pursuing treatment because you expect that it will require metal braces that feel intrusive. If discomfort with this treatment solution has you concerned, you should know that there are other options, including the option to use Orthodontic Clear Aligners. Your Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office can provide these appliances after an evaluation to confirm that they are right for you. Once this confirmation occurs, we can make plans to provide a personalized set of appliances that will gradually make changes to how you look!

Do You Feel Unhappy With Poorly Spaced Teeth?

If your teeth are not in the right positions, it can be hard to project real confidence whenever you smile. This is because there are gaps and overlaps that can make you unhappy with how you look, as they draw unwanted attention and disrupt your facial symmetry. What you can do about this matter is talk with your dentist. By doing so, you can learn that many people have alignment issues that qualify for clear aligner treatment!

Beginning Corrective Work That Relies On Orthodontic Clear Aligners

A detailed evaluation of your teeth and oral structures will give us important information on what you need from an orthodontic adjustment, and it will provide measurements so that we can create personalized appliances. The aligners that you wear will gradually move teeth that are not in their appropriate spaces. Each one that you receive will be tasked with part of the overall movements that need to occur. After finishing your time with the last one, you can show off a more attractive appearance, as gaps, overlaps, and other spacing issues will no longer be a concern!

What Else Can You Look Into If You Want A More Attractive Smile?

There are other cosmetic dental services that can take care of how you look when you feel unhappy with the positioning of your smile. For some patients, we can offer the right results by placing porcelain veneers. These restorations are capped to the fronts of teeth in order to hide gaps and overlaps, along with any other flaws concerning tooth shape, size, and color.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Making Changes With Clear Aligners

With a set of personalized clear aligners, we can help you make positive changes to the way you look when you want to do something about poor teeth spacing. If you would like to find out more, contact our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office today at 913-901-8585.