The Importance Of Gum Health

Do you really have the right efforts in place to protect yourself against gingivitis and gum disease? The good news is that the same brushing and flossing efforts that protect you against cavities can also help you avoid difficulties with gum disease. Unfortunately, not everyone performs these practices at a level where they will effectively preserve their periodontal health. Proper oral hygiene will help you fight the bacteria that can gather at the bases of teeth and hurt your ability to maintain your overall well-being. To further protect yourself, take advantage of the support provided during regular dental exams with your Prairie Village, KS dentist. Through these regular appointments, we provide updates about the condition of your gums as well as your teeth. When we observe signs of gingivitis, we can provide help by offering care in the form of an ultrasonic scaling.

Poor Gum Health Can Have More Impact On You Than You Might Realize

Just how harmful can your issues with gum disease be? When an infection initially forms, you can have problems with sensitivity, including a tendency to bleed more easily when you brush and floss. You can also experience swelling and discoloration, and you may observe recession that affects your gums. Over time, the problems can grow more serious. You can experience an infection that does serious harm to the tissues that support your teeth, which can lead to them becoming loose and needing to be extracted. You also have to worry about the potential spread of bacteria that enter your bloodstream, which can hurt your general health.

How We Help Patients Avoid Complications From Gingivitis

Problems with gingivitis can identified at home, but you should not depend only on your home reviews. Taking the time to see your dentist for regular checkups means regularly receiving feedback about the state of your periodontal health. When we identify signs of gingivitis, we can recommend an ultrasonic scaling to remove the bacteria that are present on teeth roots. When they are no longer present, your gums return to good health, and you avoid potential complications from your infection.

What You Can Do To Protect Your Gums At Home

Through committed daily smile care, you can stop oral bacteria from gathering on the roots of your teeth. When you brush, be thorough enough to remove those microbes that are present at the gumline. While flossing, you should work the string in a vertical motion so that all harmful materials are cleared away.

Talk To Your Prairie Village, KS Dentist About Maintaining Healthy Gums

Better gum health can have a significant positive impact. When you do what you need to in order to care for these tissues, you lower your long-term risks for gum disease and other health issues. Our practice is happy to help with this and other matters—to learn more about how we can care for you, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.