Responding To A Dental Emergency

In times where you have to deal with significant tooth pain, or feel that you are at risk for losing a tooth, it can be hard to wait to see a dentist. Our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office understands that there are times when problems call for attention on short notice. In these situations, we are ready to offer emergency dental work. Our response to your emergency will address discomfort and potential oral health problems, but it can also lead to improvements that give you back your confidence in your smile!

We Are Prepared To See Patients On Short Notice

There are situations when dental work should take place as soon as possible. In those situations, it helps to know that your dentist is ready to provide emergency treatment. Our practice wants patients to know that we can be there for them in moments where prompt care is important. We can offer guidance on managing discomfort and protecting a vulnerable tooth until you arrive. Once you are in the office, we can do the necessary work to fully restore your smile and preserve your dental well-being.

Responding To Your Dental Emergency

The type of care that we offer in an emergency situation will depend on what state your smile is in. There are times when dental injuries can be dealt with conservatively, which means we can recommend cosmetic dental work. In situations where we have concerns about your oral health, we can instead provide more advanced restorative dental treatment, including root canal therapy to address problems within the tooth structure. If your tooth is loose, or if it is completely out of place, we can look at whether we can save your tooth.

Can Emergency Dental Work Save A Lost Or Loose Tooth?

A loose or lost tooth is certainly cause for concern, one that may make prosthetic dental work necessary. The sooner you can see your dentist, the better your chance of saving a vulnerable tooth can be, but even prompt care can be insufficient when that tooth’s condition is just too poor for it to be put back in place. If we cannot restore it, we can work to replace it with a lifelike prosthetic that can support your bite function and oral health.

Our Prairie Village, KS Dental Office Can Provide Emergency Services

The emergency services that we can offer to our patients can help them avoid potentially serious issues with infections or even tooth loss! After you arrive, we can look for the most conservative means of fully restoring your smile and addressing any active problems that you have with the appearance and health of a vulnerable tooth. If you would like to find out more, please reach out to our Prairie Village, KS dentist’s office at 913-901-8585.